Why a new humanism?

In my own hands I observe the operation of an agent in nature that science seems to know nothing about. It's what controls growth. Can we identify this agent, and find in it new clues to human nature?



A new "World Figure"

 From acquaintance with identical twins, I identify the agent that controls growth--our genetic tissue. What can science tell us about this powerful agent? Very little. But that little tells us we've no basis for assuming any limits to its capabilities.



A new creator of species

We've free will; creativity and free will originate in consciousness; mind and matter can communicate in both directions. Starting from these assumptions I arrive at a new "mechanism" for evolution: the genetic tissues' thoughts.



A new humanism

By bringing two separate traditions of the self together I create new discourse. Thinking is thoughts evolving. Evolution originates in mind. Physical forces acting on nature, evolution taking place in mind--together they can account for all our experience.



A new Lamarckism

Evolution happening in mind provides us with a mechanism for the inheritance of acquired characteristics, validating Lamarckism. I compare Lamarckism and Darwinism, pointing out how humanism favors Lamarckism.



An evolved self

Built into Positivist science is denial of the self. Study of evolution falls to the humanities. I suggest how. The end goal is the human self described in terms of the evolution of the intelligence of the genetic tissues. This could lead to a new humanism.


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